Female Students at Prayer Ground1 Male and Female Students at Prayer Ground2 Students Performing Prayers3 House Decoration4 2 Academic Staffs from the Right5 3 Academic Staffs6 Principal in his Office7 Dr. Tahir Harun addressing Students at Prayer Ground8 DSC_18439 New Class Block with Library & ICT Center10 Group of Male Staffs11 Management Staffs12 Female and Management Staffs13 Principal, Shamsuddeen Omacy and V.P Admin14

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Al-Huda Arabic And Islamic Secondary School, Zing

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The mission of the Al-Huda Arabic and Islamic Secondary School, Zing is “to serve as a world renowned centre of learning through excellence in teaching, research and scholarly artistic activities and service to the community, state, nation and the world”. 


Al-Huda Arabic and Islamic Secondary School, Zing seeks to become a world-renowned centre of learning where students are prepared with the knowledge, skills and disposition they need in order to serve their community, state nation and the world through excellence in teaching, research and service.

Our Team

Mal. Bello Abubakar
(Field of Study)


Dr. Tahir Harun
(Field of Study)

V.P Admin

Mal. Mahmud Bello
(Field of Study)

V.P Academy


Unguwan Lafiya, Zing

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